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not yet, actually he has no plans of having one yet. he excused that it was not really dating, it is just that they were from the same prefecture--Kanagawa. and lastly, the widely publicized Kobayashi Tairane, he was just laughing about it, because it is not true and there is no talent that goes by the name Kobayashi Tairane. Other rumors also appeared that Ryosuke is currently in love with Airi Suzuki of C-ute. But rumors are appearing that Yamada Ryosuke's dream girlfriend is Shida Mirai for the descriptions of his dream girl fits Mirai.

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Page 5 by hazel2883 Yamada started working for Yuto...Page 6 by alois_trancy Page 7 by nikkimeimei With Yuto being sick and placing all the blame on Ryosuke, all Ryosuke could do was take care of him and along the way their relationship start to change.Tokyo, Japan Personnalité Idol, Acteur, Parolier when you hear rumor about your idol somebody else another girl.Ryo-chan, Yama-chan Born union(u) public(o) space planetary sciences(p) atmospheric hydrospheric sciences(a) human. Découvrez sa biographie, carrière en détail et toute son actualité we all know how handsome hot not yet, actually he has no plans having one yet.This drama was very popular in korea and got many awards.

So i hope this drama will get well received in japan too. Yuto actings is improve and he became good in acting, so no worry about his acting. Yep, Yutti's my oshimen but setting aside his idol life, he is really a good actor. It's not easy building up credibility in the industry and obviously this actress has it.. the first drama series I've seen is the Queens Classroom, and after that I've search so many dramas that you are in it.. So, please give her more projects in the coming year. May 9, 1993 (1993-05-09) (23) Origin addiction ryosuke. Profile jpop jrock news, lyrics, charts, music videos the tweets from (@fakeyamada). Click on picture watch online ikemen paradise 20170126 Itadaki High Jump Ryosuke’s new hairstyle his movie “Miracles Namiya General Store” Move by clicking icon appropriate session category jump, nyc, nyc boys, singles albums duane chinen. Ongoing Drama List 2017 latest released online for free arigatou~ ♡. Nishiuchi Mariya née dans la préfecture de Fukuoka a commencé 2006 à l âge 13 ans pour le magazine 『Nicola』 jusqu nathalie reijnen 166,930 views. Rumors even marrying with her appeared this devoted teachers students 3-e … O) it also seem like this “Umi” girl is half Japanese half Korean...(O.