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After the Model B was demoed pushing XBMC and Air Play capabilities, some intrepid devs managed to get the second beta of Eden up and running on the ARM A8 dev board.

Despite that, a number of individuals and businesses will continue to run the operating system.

This doesn't likely apply to those maintaining an HTPC, as this tends to be a more geek-savvy set, but no doubt a few are out there.

"You have to decide which operating system you are going to be using, except of course if you are buying an Android device.

You could choose again for a Windows based solution and buy a Windows 7 or 8 license", XBMC states.

Find XBMC Frodo's article here: [XBMC with PVR Support].

The reason is simple: Frodo is "rocksolid" and as the PVR functionality is included now (also including Warning: If you want to have PVR support, do not use the official builds from XBMC Website, they currently do not support PVR functionality and it can't be enabled through adding add-ins. Learn resistor values with Mho’s Resistance or get the best electronics calculator for engineers “Circuit Playground” – Adafruit’s Apps! Join us every Wednesday night at 8pm ET for Ask an Engineer!Use the prebuild packages' download link in the next section instead.XBMC itself can not record or stream live TV or handle TV cards in its current stable release, but as XBMC is open source and expandable through plug-ins, a development branch of XBMC emerged and is kept updated closely with all upcoming releases and betas of main XBMC development. Through various PVR plug-ins, it can be used with a variety of TV server software.However, the organization follows this by saying "if you are planning to use your hardware as an HTPC only device we would highly advice to use one of the available Linux options.