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If you are the owner/operator of a private vessel carrying 29 people or less you are exempted from reporting to Canadian Border Service Agency when you are crossing the Border if you meet the specified requirements.

This document has not been reviewed by US CBP OR Can BSA.

Until further notice, all applications for the border-crossing Secure Certificate of Indian Status will be converted to the in-Canada Secure Certificate of Indian Status.

Survey responses will not be attributed to individuals.If you wish to obtain information related to this survey, you may submit a request to the Department of Employment and Social Development pursuant to the Access to Information Act.The current effort at educating the boating public is an attempt to “ The reporting requirements for landing a vessel in the United States have not changed (as of April 2013).The key to facilitating a “hassle free” entry into the United States is having appropriate documentation.Airlines will modify their reservations systems to allow passengers who have a 7-digit redress number to enter it when making their reservation.

Secure Certificate of Indian Status is now accepting applications by mail.

The Government of Canada cautions individuals that the duration for the acceptance of these documents for border crossing purposes into the United States is entirely at the discretion of the U. Please note that travellers entering the United States by air continue to be required to present a valid passport or, in certain circumstances, a NEXUS card.

Please contact Passport Canada for information on passports and the Canada Border Services Agency for information on NEXUS cards.

Instructions for making a request are provided in the publication Info Source, copies of which are located in local Service Canada Centres.

You have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the institution’s handling of your personal information at: How to file a complaint.

If you live outside Ontario, please contact your regional enforcement office, child support agency or court office for the correct local forms and applications that are relevant to your jurisdiction (province, territory, state or country).