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One former president of the American Medical Association pointed out that the doctors of 1918 “knew no more about the flu than 14th-century Florentines had known about Black Death.”We really have no armamentarium today that is any different on a whole than what we had 100 years ago, at least in terms of what’s available to the world’s population.

We have vaccines, we have some antivirals, but they will be in such insufficient quantities as to be what we like to say filling Lake Superior with a garden hose in overall impact.

In 1918, they essentially didn’t even know what a virus was.

Kila wannanne ya janyo takaddama tsakaninsa da Malam Mudi Spikin.

Bayan kammala karatunsa ne, ya fara aikin koyarwa a birnin Kano, har kuma ya rasu aikin da yake yi kenan.

Its formation and bimodal igneous activity occurred simultaneously, with two definite episodes of magma activity, mafic and felsic, the former of which being chiefly composed of gabbro-heavy magma and the latter phase being primarily composed of rhyolitic magma.

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The template provides guidance of process improvement from designing, measuring, analysing to improving, controlling and verifying the initiative.

The template provides you with guidance notes of h0ow to follow the DMAIC & DMADV process as well as use the individual excel sheets.Vaccines are the cornerstone in our fight against viral disease.By introducing a killed or weakened version of the target virus, we can prime our adaptive immune systems to recognize the attacker in the future and mobilize a more rapid response.Barka da zuwa Turakar Sha'irai (Hausa Poets Blogspot).An bude wannan Turakar ranar 23 ga Maris 2007 domin yad'a rubutattun wak'ok'in mawak'an Hausa (amma Sha'iran Najeriya, domin ba mu da masaniya game da sha'iran Jamhuriyar Nijar). Ya rasu yana da Shekara 38, domin acikin 1958 ya rasu.Unfortunately, influenza viruses in general, and H5N1 in particular, mutate so rapidly that it is impossible to present the body with a perfect match.