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That’s what we can gather from her portfolio stat sheet thing that the agency provides.

Tracy is also from Dallas, so it seems Troy has decided to keep his dating within the convenience of the Dallas community.

See full bio on IMDb » Troy Aikman started off his European vacation with a bang -- proposing to his girlfriend on Lake Como on Friday ... ' The Cowboys legend has been dating Capa Mooty -- who's… looking more like a ripped linebacker than a retired…

As they say, first impressions are everything, but sometimes, a second opinion can make or break a decision.

The 50-year-old Hall of Fame quarterback popped the question to his now-fiancee Capa Mooty on Friday (June 2) in Lake Como, Italy, where two are currently enjoying a romantic European vacation.

But even the word “homo,” which is a legitimate abbreviation for “homosexual” accepted by the PC police, is also considered to be offensive, so the intent and context are everything.

It’s doubtful, but based upon a dictionary, Dexter Manley could have been claiming Troy Aikman was “deviating from the expected or normal” in saying that the Washington Redskins would lose.

But when Buck originally wanted to ask her out in 2012, Beisner who was working for NFL Network at the time was reluctant.

She had a boyfriend and didn’t want to date a fellow broadcaster.

He may not have introduced her publicly, but Troy Aikman’s girlfriend Tracy Ripsin has been identified by, you know, internet people.

It had apparently been a mystery who the woman was that was spotted with the Big Aik on several occasions, but a tip from someone revealed to bustedcoverage that the lovely lady is Miss Ripsin, and she’s a model.

But when her then co-worker Rich Eisen told her that someone wanted her number, Beisner was ready to shoot the request down: Beisner told the Bryan Curtis of The Ringer (which has launched today, by the way) that she felt Buck seemed like a nice guy, but also had a look that came off “smug and arrogant” due to his 2008 National Car Rental ad.

Well, cut to 2013 and by that time, Beisner had overcome her feelings about Buck and began dating him: By the 2013 Super Bowl, Beisner was single. The following year, they were married in Cabo San Lucas in front of God and Troy Aikman.

I have a feeling that as long as humans are still around and wearing clothes, there’ll always be a need for models.