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After they break up once more in the middle of season 3, this time due to her infidelity with Dr. Mc Hottie, Derwin and Janay try to work things out while Melanie has a fling with her boss, Dr. Melanie and Derwin eventually get back together, even though Janay is pregnant, and they have a wedding planned; but just as the ceremony is about to start, Derwin receives word that Janay has gone into labor.Ben begs Danny to find out if Sam is interested in dating him but she thinks Danny is asking for himself.She describes her look during this period as "budget porn star."3.

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on Friday night (May 5) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 35-year-old actress was being honored at the event for her 20 year battle with multiple sclerosis.

Log in to Reply @Samiiraa There was nothing that suggest that ancestor who contribute that bloodline was not black.

Black people have always been all up in North Africa.

Birth Name: Adrienne Eliza Bailon Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City, New York, U. Date of Birth: October 24, 1983 Ethnicity: *Ecuadorian (father) *Puerto Rican (mother) Adrienne Bailon is an American singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and television personality.

She was an original member of the girl group She’s tri racial being dominant European and native. She seems to have had a great, great grandfather or mother which is 1/16, 6 percent. Puerto Rico had many african slaves so perhaps She got her African ancestry there.The Dna map on her show, had Chad, Mali, Niger, Eritrea , parts of the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia all included as North African. In puerto rico, mexico, south america in general have a lot of lebanese and middle easter inmigrants. Of course there’s white Latinos and black Latinos but the vast majority are a mixed-race people. Log in to Reply Dogg, Latín America is a very diverse place.Last time I checked, they weren’t supposed to be NO. 8% middle earter is a lot, in spain we dont have this dna, probrably she has an relative from this área. You can say that most are this or that, or what is the exact mixture. You can generalize a country, less, it would be a lot of countries.Black isn’t an ethnicty, nor a region, it’s a skin color.) Okay fair enough , but you also have to admit, that there’s is no telling what that ancestor who contribute that African ancestry looked like. And being white,it doen’t mean that you are not latino.North Africa is a region , and it’s more about politics who get included as North African. At contrary white ancestry and culture is what latino people marino Log in to Reply Most Latinos are mixed with African, Native American and European., which finds her getting real about everything from losing her virginity to dating a co-star and fighting (or not fighting) with a certain actress who played Rachel Berry. She made her acting debut at 7 months old — topless, no less.