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Estates, Beverly Hills PRICE: ,995,000SIZE: 3 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms DESCRIPTION: Celebrity owned Mediterranean that has been smartly redone with sophisticated style.The beautifully customized interior has a grand entry, high ceilings with the finest lighting, and oak floors with ebony stain throughout.

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Boy, I want to do that song one day.” It was one of the last songs he recorded. Through that whole evolution, from when he hit town to when things started going bad for him, and where he started losing control, I would sit with him and just try to tell him, “Man, you’ve got to get it together, you can’t live this twilight half-life. You’d go over to his hotel — we both worked the Hilton — and he’d have aluminum foil on the windows; he never wanted to see the daylight.

In the end, that song and those words had resonance for him but not in the way I intended. Get a hold of this situation or it’s going to pull you under.” But he couldn’t — would usually only see me in his suite. I’d say, “Elvis why don’t we just go out to dinner, go for a walk? He’d go up to Vail, Colo., and I’d be up there with my family skiing — in the daylight.

Features include a gracefully proportioned living room with a lovely fireplace, spacious formal dining room overlooking the private pool and grassy yard.

Family room with wet bar and customized mahogany bookcases and built ins, state of the art audio/video throughout property.

These kids fall apart." Bieber would do well to listen to Anka. If you do that, and stay active, you got a shot at having a real, unfettered life, and keeping the brain working.

As showbiz storytellers go, the guy is tough to beat. I've seen too many guys retire, even Frank, and they sit around counting their money and they just die.

"He says, 'Kid, we're going to dinner tonight.' "Now he was the kind of guy, he says you're going to dinner, you bring your passport because you could wind up anywhere."Anka was playing the nightclub circuit and had become an honorary member of Sinatra's Rat Pack.

"Sinatra had started to understand that he needed to do pop songs, which he hated. He hated Presley, and only liked me because I made money for the mob in Vegas."Dinner took place in Florida, with "a couple of mob guys.

His string of big hits, including "Puppy Love" and "Put Your Head on My Shoulder," began when he was a teen; by mid-career, he settled in as a headliner in Las Vegas and tagged along with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. They throw dirt on you if you stand still, and I've been afraid of that.

Anka has penned some of the most famous pop songs of all time, for artists as diverse as Buddy Holly and Michael Jackson.

Basically, given Elvis’s pathetic state at the end, it was in the opposite sense that the words had had for Sinatra. It’s all in that balance, everything we see when we can look far enough. Elvis wouldn’t get up until the sun went down, and only then would he go up on the mountain with the floodlights turned on, to snowmobile. Nice guy, but so locked in that prison of celebrity, of who he was, and his image, the person inside shrivelled up.