Who is ewan mcgregor dating

He uploads his latest and greatest pictures in Instagram to share them with his fans and loved ones.

Oh, and this film that Melanie and Ewan did together – it’s already in post-production. Now, there has been gossip in the past that Ewan and Eve has something of an open marriage.

While I can’t recall ever hearing about any affair Eve might have had, I do remember significant gossip about his seemingly too-close relationships with Nicole Kidman (in ).

Sure, they look a bit "couple-y" in some of the pics, but Europeans are much more affectionate than us grumpy Yanks. So, it's possible that Ewan was just being a gentleman by seeing his friend home and offering her a little of his body heat. Ewan has always vehemently denied any rumors of infidelity, insisting that he's very happily married to his wife of 15 years, Eve Mavrakis.

(Le sigh.) And if you look at the entire series of photos, it kind of looks like Melanie might have had a few too many. He's also very protective of Eve and their three daughters, and insists on keeping the details of his home life private.

Ewan Mc Gregor was born in the year 1971 on 31st of March, and this makes him 45 years old at this moment.

At this age, he has already managed to make an unusual name for himself and is renowned as one of the most consistent actors in the game.

‘Grease was just at the right time for me and my friend and I thought if we sat with our fingers crossed in class she might arrive…

particular Celeb Lover would like to present her analysis of the situation: No way. As for these new allegations, Ewan and Melanie were photographed Tuesday night after leaving a dinner with some other friends.

‘My kids speak French so whenever they want to talk about me, or slag me off they do it in French.

I pretend I don’t understand half of it and half of it I don’t understand.

July 1995 - Present Ewan Mc Gregor married production designer Eve Mavrakis in France in 1995, and the couple have two daughters together: Clara (born 1996) and Esther (born 2001).