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But when Storke’s trial begins, the script degenerates into an “L. Believability factor is stretched to the limit when the slimy defense attorney wins his case with the unintentionally funny Chinese food theory–an expert pharmacologist testifies that a mixture of Chinese food, asthma medication and diet soft drinks turned poor, innocent Storke into a crazed rapist and killer, trivializing a most heinous and serious crime. With Storke free, Mills turns vigilante and the outcome is pretty obvious.The drama that might have come out of Mills’s quest for justice is negated by the fact that Storke is so obviously guilty as well as the fact that the authorities won’t re-investigate the case, which gives her only one outlet for her anger.Former child actress turned theatre star Hayley Mills is well known for her role as Pollyanna, but fast-forward five decades and the now 69-year-old is wowing her fans with her youthful appearance and active lifestyle.‘It is gruelling and sometimes it is very very challenging, particularly when you are first opening a show and you have rehearsal every day and then a show at night and you don’t have any time or days off,’ Ms Mills told Daily Mail Australia.

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Donna Mills was born as Donna Jean Miller in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America on the laps of Bernice. In 1980 she won the role of Abby Cunningham in the soap opera show Knots Landing.

Her popularity rose to prominence after she began appearing in this show. Edit Donna Mills was born as Donna Jean Miller in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America on the laps of Bernice. She played the role of Alice Keenan in her first feature film The Incident.

(Photo Credit: 'Closer Weekly') Of their cozy vineyard in LA’s Brentwood neighborhood, Donna says: “It’s only a year old, so while we have grapes, we don’t have any wine grapes yet.

But another year or so and we will.” RELATED: 'Knots Landing' Legend Donna Mills Found a Dream Home as Beautiful as She is The pair plans to bottle their own wine in the coming years, made from their California grapes. For more on your favorite stars’ love lives, pick up the new issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now.

The core five are Vanessa Marcil, best known from “90210” and “Vegas”; Chrystee Pharris from “Passions”; Hunter Tylo, who spent nearly a quarter century on “The Bold and the Beautiful”; Crystal Hunt from “Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live”; and Lindsay Hartley from “Passions,” "All My Children” and “Days of Our Lives.” What they need, they agree, is someone with, frankly, a higher profile.

Someone whose calls will always be returned and will get them through doors.

Perky teen Ari Meyers has a normal relationship with mom Donna Mills: She’s irresponsible and self-centered, warm and caring about her boyfriend and family–typical teenage contradictions.

Sent out to purchase napkins for dad John Getz’s surprise birthday party, she agrees to let rich college kid (and stranger) Peter (Adam Storke) drive her home after discovering that mom’s car won’t start and she realizes what big trouble she’ll get into if she’s late for the bash.

The telepic condones “justified” murder and script’s focus is so muddled that viewers won’t be able to get a grip on the arc of the story. Exec producers, Gilbert Cates, Donna Mills; producer, Dennis Doty; associate producer, Peggy Griffin; director, Jud Taylor; written by Mimi Rothman Schapiro and Bill Wells based on a screenplay by Sharon Michaels.

Also, review tape had no music or sound effects, and some dialogue was missing from the soundtrack. Cast: Donna Mills, Lee Grant, John Rubinstein, Adam Storke, John Getz, Ari Meyers, Ellen Blain, Roger Floyd, Anthony Johnson, Brian Smiar, Lou Beatty Jr., Abraham Alvarez, Lyndsey Fields, Gil Cates Jr., Seth Isler, James R.

Enter Donna Mills, best known from “Knots Landing” but also familiar from a series of movies and recently a new guest role on “General Hospital.” Mills won the coveted Soap Opera Digest designation as “best villainess” three times for “Knots,” and while she doesn't play a villainess here, she does come across as no-nonsense.