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Did you know that these famous men were also linked to Whitney?Whitney was once romantically linked to actor/comedian Eddie Murphy in the '80s. Former football quarterback Randall Cunningham shared a two-year relationship with Houston, before calling it quits in 1987.Long before the guys became a national sensation as the Jackson 5, their calling card was precise choreography inspired by their idols, Jackie Wilson and James Brown.

”That’s a touchy situation,” said Latoya from her suite at the Akasaka Prince Hotel. Each day after school the guys rehearsed rigorously, first under Mother’s direction, then, after dinner, with Joseph.My father demanded absolute perfection, rarely praising, constantly criticizing, and often hitting.It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three years since we lost one of the greatest voices of our lifetime.Throughout her career, Whitney Houston broke records and topped the charts, making her one of the best selling pop and R&B artists of all time.Before going, Jones laid out a gown for Whitney to wear that night. M., Jones returned to the room, where Whitney’s bodyguard and brother-in-law, Ray Watson, was on watch in the hall.

Jones entered the suite, and when she walked into the bathroom she found Whitney facedown in a foot of water in the tub.

As they frantically administered CPR, Jones told the switchboard to call 911.

Fans were already gathering at the Hilton for Clive Davis’s party when Ed Winter, the coroner, took the elevator to the fourth floor.

Whitney Houston's career and life was marked by soaring highs and painful lows.

The singer was once married to Bobby Brown, and the two had an infamously turbulent relationship.

It was rumored that Houston once dated the Jackson 5 star, Jermaine Jackson.