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This value is not reported but it is used to produce the correct “Conventional Radiocarbon Age”.

Important: Reporting conventions using “Conventional Radiocarbon Age” terminology indicate the result has been corrected for isotopic fractionation.– Beta also measures a second δ13C value in an isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS δ13C).

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It has been known for several decades that the lighter elements (notably carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and sulphur) undergo isotopic fractionation under the influence of their physical and chemical environment, and much research has been conducted to understand this behaviour.

‘Actually, the question of whether Sr isotopes can be fractionated by nature or not is irrelevant, because all Sr isotope analysis are routinely corrected for all isotopic fractionation effects, be they natural or laboratory-induced.

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If Rb-Sr ‘isochrons’ are actually the result of mixing lines, the collinear relationship between different isotopic compositions to begin with.

In proper usage, the phrase ‘isotope fractionation’ refers exclusively to the physical separation of one isotope of an element from another isotope of the same element.

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