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Within 24 hours of getting an antibiotic, Moore, a custom-home builder, bounced back.

Start Visit For minor ailments, you don’t have to wait in the emergency room or urgent care center for diagnosis and treatment.

In the winter, a mountainous region of California that the locals call the Grapevine is plagued by severe weather.

But now, Smith uses his computer webcam to "see" his patients.

He estimates the video technology enabled him to save 350 to 500 appointments this year.

En español | Bill Moore was attending his niece's wedding in Utah when he suddenly came down with a headache, sore throat and sinuses that he says were "killing me." He didn't know if his Vermont doctor could prescribe antibiotics several time zones away and disliked the prospect of tracking down a walk-in clinic.

So Moore, now 67, instead set up a video chat with a doctor working for American Well, a telemedicine company.Free online video-chat services let doctors check in quickly with patients, which can be more convenient for both.They let sick patients keep their germs at home, rather than bring them to an office.They can also send a prescription directly to a pharmacy, if needed. Visits cost at most, and may be less if covered by your health plan.It's faster, easier and more convenient than a visit to an urgent care center or retail health clinic. To find out how much visits will cost you, complete the enrollment process at Live Health or call the Member Services number on your ID card.And doctors in some specialties, such as plastic surgery, use the technology to extend the reach of their practices by having e-consultations with patients in far-away cities.