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If you don’t want to see the command window open up briefly when you launch it, change the Run dropdown menu to Minimized, then click Apply and Ok.

Now just drag the shortcut icon to the taskbar and pin it. Now you have it pinned to the Taskbar and can use it like anything else you would have pinned there. Hopefully this geeky trick will come in handy for someone who wants easier access to their Windows Updates.

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First go to the Start \ All Programs and right-click Windows Update and while holding down the right mouse button drag it over to the desktop.

When you release the right mouse button click on Create shortcuts here.

Now right-click the Windows Update shortcut and select Properties.

This opens Window Update Properties and under the Shortcut tab type in or copy the following into the Target box.

Alternatively, you could also select Create shortcut instead – and its shortcut will be created on your desktop.

Now right-click on the icon and chose ‘Properties’.The functionality of taskbar will be completely restored after a fresh restart of the Windows Explorer.It is the simplest solution to solve the Windows 10 taskbar not working issue. Press Ctrl Shift Esc altogether to open Task Manager2.One item that seems like you should be able to easily pin to the Taskbar in Windows 7 is Windows Update, but unfortunately it’s not.With a bit of work however, we can get it pinned to the Taskbar or Start menu and here we will show you how.Turning the internet off and on intermittently won’t help either.