Updating win98 to win98se

I'm using driveragent and trying to update drivers on my 99 Compaq Presario 5900Z.I know the steps, however when I get to the part where it asks you to give the location of the updated driver, the computer gives an message that it is not there.

I wouldn't expect to do much beyond surfing and word processing on it...

maybe a little solitaire and freecell to fill out your gaming urge.

(syntax=fixboot [drive:] without the drive being specified it will default to the System boot sector.) HTH James James, Thanks for the posting. I was unable to save either my Win2k nor Win98 SE bootsectors.

She is also not interested in investing any money into it.

My big question is the drivers, how much trouble are they going to be?

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Dell will have not supported the drivers beyond win98, so unless the hardware is that generic the drivers are in win xp, then it will be mostly driverless. Dan If I remember right, that's a 550Mhz P3 processor.

I don't remember how many ram slots it has, but in order for that processor to even run XP, you are going to need to strip the fluff from the OS, and put in as much ram as it will hold.

Second, there appears to be no new version of VMware Tools for Win98SE anyway.

When I boot to the OS I get no automatic indication I should upgrade.

But with the failure to recognize that Win2k is even installed makes me think that the boot sector for that partition may have become corrupt/overwrote.