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Step 1: Before writing your code, please ensure that you have sufficient permission to access cross-domain requests.So I have given full permission to all the contents listed below. Post Method in REST APIA Share Point 2013 REST service supports sending POST commands that include object definitions to endpoints that represent collections.

The first point I will make is that ALL electrical services to the home MUST have a means of shutting off all the power.Being able to shut off all of the power is usually achieved by a Main Disconnect Breaker in the electrical service panel—and should be labeled as such. Where it gets a little confusing is when that main disconnect breaker is in a different location from the panel in the home—like outside the home at the electric meter (as in mobile homes, townhouses, condos and other instances).The lower floor typically has lower ceiling heights and can be partially underground.The lower floor includes a casual living area, and possible access directly to the garage.One small flight of stairs leads up to the top floor, while another short set of stairs leads down.

The top floor usually contains the living areas, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.List of REST Access Points The following is a list of access points that gives you entry into granular access points.Note: The following code is tested in my SP 2013 online environment.This is Google’s real plan for battling Android fragmentation: Update as much of the operating system and its apps as possible without going through device manufacturers or carriers.Older devices aren’t as outdated as they used to be. For example, when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich came out, it brought an entirely redesigned interface, performance improvements, and even APIs limited to Android 4.0.Bi-level home plans are a great solution for uneven property but can also be hard to heat and cool evenly.