voorhees dating Updating favicon

WARNING: The upgrade process will affect all files and folders included in the main Word Press installation.

This includes all the core files used to run Word Press.

In this article, we will show you how to add a favicon to your Word Press blog.

There are two methods for updating - the easiest is the one-click update, which will work for most people.If it doesn't work, or you just prefer to be more hands-on, you can follow the manual update process.However, it also improves your site’s usability and user experience.This image will help you understand it better: Most users usually have many tabs open in their browser window.This increases your brand recognition and helps you build trust among your audiences.

In our article about most common Word Press mistakes, not adding a favicon was among the top 25.

For those of us in America, this is clearly not going to work!

Clayton Smith excellently documents the procedure for Canadian’s in this post on his blog.

Note: Setting the favicon while the page is still loading would not hide the throbber. When the throbber is hidden, the right favicon would be ready to show right away.

Right now, you can see a flash of the "no favicon" favicon after the throbber stops. This simple patch appears to have the desired effect.

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