Updating bcwp in ms project 2016

The baselines are successfully created with BAC value.

It is the value that you should have been earned as per the schedule.

As per the PMBOK Guide, “Planned Value (PV) is the authorized budget assigned to work to be accomplished for an activity or WBS component.”You calculate Planned Value before actually doing the work, which also serves as a baseline.

Without it you have no way to measure the performance of your work.

But there may be a few things you don’t know about baselines in Microsoft Project.

Creating a baseline manually for a project is also producing the desired result.

Kindly assist us with, why the "Update Earned Value and Cost Totals" job ran manually under jobs is not populating the baseline attributes, but selecting "update baseline" action is working successfully.

The second chapter takes on the basics you need to begin using Project 2016.

The baseline — whether it be about the schedule, the budget or the scope — is essential in projects.

But only BAC value is successfully populated, and the other baseline attributes (such as Cost variance, BCWS, BCWP etc.,) are not populated in the baseline for the project.

We have to select the "update baseline" action to update the baseline attributes successfully (which inturn is running the "update earned value cost totals" job for th project).

Please let us know, if there is an alternate procedure other than updating the baselines for these projects manually.