I joined on a 3 day trial however when clicking through it only opened the 10 days trial - I immed sent an email complaining about this and have had no response.This has meant I am not using the site, I don't want to and I certainly don't want to be charged and would like my whole profile taken down completley.Do you wear a uniform in your job or just love people in uniform?


The website follows a pay-as-you-go payment module wherein you make the payment for every premium feature that you wish to use.Pricing varies depending on your location as well as type of feature.Please someone answer me [email protected] I joined Uniform Dating as I realised there was a big hole in my life.I was looking for love but never really expecting too much.Mindless and Id definitely avoid this dating site - a con and you may as well join Adult Friend Finder there are prob less scammers and fakes on there lol Con. It's very expensive and if you attempt the free bit, you can't communicate with anyone! You've spent all that time sorting your profile and that's why they do it, to trap you, so then you need to pay. they have many free features and bonuses for new members which is nice for me 'cause i don't have a lot of money i ve been on the site during several weeks and already had couple of dates even in neighbor citieswhen i had some issues with my account customer service agent helped me a lotrecommend this site - great thumsup!!

Says it's free, says free trial, says nurses 90% discount. This site is a total scam, or at very least you are likely to get scammed.To start off, you can create a free profile, complete with your pictures and personal information.Once your profile has been approved, you'd be able to access all the features that are permitted based on your membership.Are you working in uniform and looking for like-minded singles?Or do you just fancy uniforms in general and would like to date with someone that usually wears one?Alternatively, if you're looking to gain access to the entire set of communication options, you can become a premium user by paying a one-time fee of .99 per month.