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“The more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets.” Within 24 hours Tay had transformed from something of a friendly blank slate into a sex-crazed, Nazi-loving Donald Trump supporter. At least Microsoft was right about one thing: Tay certainly had “zero chill.” Tay’s tweets ranged from deeply anti-Semitic, pro-Hitler screeds, to downright pornographic.

And, of course, she was just repeating what she learned from a day in Twitter’s trenches.

Here’s the part of the article that really doesn’t make any sense at all, though: Although Microsoft programmed Zo to avoid discussing politics and religion, the chatbot weighed in on this, as well as Osama bin Laden’s capture, saying it “came after years of intelligence gathering under more than one administration.”How is saying Osama’s capture came “came after years of intelligence gathering under more than one administration” controversial, whatsoever?I mean, that’s an objective fact, unless one wants to invoke conspiracy theories. And it’s wreaks of religious inquisition and totalitarianism. Let’s take that one step further – let’s get a chatbot to pop up on your phone when you enter a store, ask you what you’re looking for and then tell you which aisle to go to. is an exisiting product for retail outlets that uses floor sensors to track when customers enter the shop and spend time browsing.“Although we had prepared for many types of abuses of the system, we had made a critical oversight for this specific attack.

As a result, Tay tweeted wildly inappropriate and reprehensible words and images,” Peter Lee the head of research at Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

As consumers move to new platforms, it’s more important than ever for brands to meet their audience where they are,” said Ben Lamm, CEO of Conversable.

“What Marvel is doing is a truly original way for such a creative organization to engage customers and tell stories through new mediums. Find out this spring from Marvel Comics during the launch of Marvel Comics’ Chatbot Allows Fans to Converse with some of their Favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Become Part of the Story Marvel’s chatbot offers quizzes, puzzles, first-looks, exclusive content, and helps you find your local comic shop through Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM New York, NY—April 20, 2017— Today, Marvel is...

“We are so excited to debut a brand new way for our fans to engage directly with some of the Marvel characters during the events of and have the added ability to have their local comic shop’s location sent directly to fans so that they can further explore the entire Marvel Universe.” The chatbot, produced in partnership with Conversable Inc., leverages natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to engage users with an entirely unique adventure written by Eisner Award-winning author, Jim Mc Cann.

“When it comes to loyalty and engagement, Marvel stands out as a leader.

Through the power of conversational intelligence, fans can go from bystander to fully immersed in the Marvel Universe and become part of the story.” All of this, plus much more, will be delivered directly to fans’ mobile devices and desktops through Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM.