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How's the carrots and tuna salad diet GADNA Reply author: carguy JD Replied on: 01/09/2007 Message: two pieces of dry wheat toast today. (Thats OK, I'll take the commissions vs the lunch any day.)"whether you think you can, or think you can't...you're right." Reply author: STREETS Replied on: 01/09/2007 Message: Lunch can be a club sandwich or "chicken" and brocolli or tetrazzini on wild rice.",";:","'\"",null,null,null],0:["9(",null,null,"-_","p P","o O"],1:["`~",null,null,"[email protected]","q Q",null],2:["1! ",null,null,"3#","w W","q Q"],3:["[email protected]",null,null,"4$","e E","w W"],4:["3#",null,null,"5%","r R","e E"],5:["4$",null,null,"6^","t T","r R"],6:["5%",null,null,"7&","y Y","t T"],7:["6^",null,null,"8*","u U","y Y"],8:["7&",null,null,"9(","i I","u U"],9:["8*",null,null,"0)","o O","i I"],":":["l L","p P","[{","'\"","/?The other man, the shorter one, barely moved at all.He occasionally smiled and lifted his drink to his mouth, but besides those minimal motions his body remained mostly still. When he talked, the other guy leaned into him to listen; he himself never moved in closer to be sure he was heard, even though the venue was fairly loud.One was taller than the other, and dressed more stylishly.

Both of them, near as I can judge these things, were about equally good-looking and the same age. Now, if you had framed the scene right there, and this is all the information I had to go on, (or YOU, the reader, had to go on), you/I would assume the taller, sleeker dressed man was more alpha and did better with the ladies.

Now I had the telltale glimpse of each man’s soul, the body language that revealed the extent of their self-possession.

Snapshots of men, unlike snapshots of women, tell us little about men’s true value, for a man’s looks and height are but two components of the complete man.

Quiznos-Classic Italian reg sub on rosemary bread,chips,dr.pepper to drink. I think my stomach is eating it self but o well I will take 4 contracts before food... O yeah theres another post on this about 8 threads down...lunch break what the heck is that..that like a laser printer or somthing GADNA Reply author: Ascaravan Replied on: 01/05/2007 Message: I am in my office today catching up on paperwork.

How's 2 grilled cheese sandwiches (extra Cheese) and the ever nutritious DORITOS for a side....

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