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The ensuing debate makes it seem like a defining moment in education.

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The new kid was named Majesty Nii Amarh in July this year, few days after he came on earth.

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As I often joke with friends, it always feels like a decisive moment in education.

We need to rise above providing standard, ideological education answers and instead ask some of this moment’s most important questions about education, schooling, teaching, and learning: So whether success to you as a parent is for your child to get into a highly selective college, become highly skilled, and/or be happy, we believe that this need not be an either/or.

We believe that the straightest line to all three is figuring out what motivates your child to love learning, developing a project as unique as they are, and supporting them as they work to change the world.

Mc Brown, speaking to students and attendees at the Starr Woman Project held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), said money spent on such vanity items could be better spent investing in a business.