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Since then, Internet users have had to deal with trolls in a number of ways, in nearly every corner of the internet.

What have we learned from these experiences over the years? If you’ve ever dealt with an online troll, and chances are you have, then you may have noticed there are many different types of trolls.

While in most cases the entities termed "trolls" are operating within the bounds of the legal system, their aggressive tactics achieve outcomes contrary to the origins of the patent system as a legislated social contract to foster and protect innovation (in the absence of such legislation, exclusivity of ideas is generally not a natural property right); the extremely rapid rise of the modern information economy has put the global intellectual property system under strain. (defined as "a patent owner who does not manufacture or use the patented invention, but rather than abandoning the right to exclude, an NPE seeks to enforce its right through the negotiation of licenses and litigation"), Confusion over use of the term patent troll is clear in research and media reporting.

In 2014, Price Waterhouse Coopers published research into patent litigation including a study of non-practicing entities including individual inventors and non-profit organisations such as universities.

I’m going to confess an occasional habit of mine, which is petty, and which I would still enthusiastically recommend to anyone who frequently encounters trolls, Twitter eggs, or other unpleasant characters online.

Sometimes, instead of just ignoring a mean-spirited comment like I know I should, I type in the most cathartic response I can think of, take a screenshot, and then file that screenshot away in a little folder that I only revisit when I want to make my coworkers laugh. I delete my silly comeback and move on with my life.

In two of the messages, the troll had included personal information about Vanessa and her family -- the former mailing addresses of her father and mother, as well as Vanessa's own current phone number.

In another message, the troll threatened to personally attack Vanessa, saying she was "next" and telling her to mind her own business. Vanessa got a call from her mother that same morning.Online daters do not want their time wasted with fraudulent profiles.''Thankfully, through swift action by our administrators, vigilant members and the introduction of an extra level of verification has meant that we have been able to root out the attackers and ensure that our site remains beautiful and exclusive.' Entry to Beautiful is only possible after passing a democratic rating process, where members of the opposite sex vote 'Yes definitely', 'Hmm yes, O.K', 'Hmm no, not really' and 'NO Definitely NOT' based on photographs and a brief profile submitted by new applicants.The Administration further stated the USPTO will tighten scrutiny of patent claims that appear overly broad, and will aim to curb patent-infringement lawsuits against consumers and small-business owners using off-the-shelf technology. Congress, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) sponsored legislation in 2013 intended to reduce the incidence of patent trolling.The President asked Congress to enact legislation to more aggressively curb "abusive" lawsuits. The bill, called the Patent Litigation Integrity Act, would help judges make patent trolls pay for the cost of the lawsuits, especially if the trolls lost the lawsuits.As long as there have been online communities, beginning with bulletin board systems, there have been trolls.