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This could be their child, niece/nephew, cousin, sibling, neighbor, student, coworker, patient.

It is important that once a teenager discloses or discusses their relationship with a trusted adult or friend that they are able to determine if the relationship is healthy or not.

Unfortunately, teens often don’t tell adults when they are experiencing violence.

Kaity's way provides education and resource materials to help one avoid or identify an abusive relationship, including a very informative website providing invaluable information to the community such as, warning signs (red flags) of a violent relationship, suggestions for creating a safety plan, how to get and/or give help and the importance of having and maintaining a healthy relationship on various levels.

As an intern with Kaity's you may: assist with workshops/presentations (in which you may have the opportunity to be a presenter) set up and man event booths and resource tables provide phone outreach share Kaity’s story with various organizations, schools, and the general public We have some set locations in Northwest and Central Phoenix, yet we provide these services throughout the valley and state.

The school was placed on lockdown after the shooting and the street in front of the campus was shut down.

During the lockdown students issued updates on social media from their classrooms as dozens of anxious parents, who were barred from the campus, gathered in the parking lot of a nearby Wal-Mart store to await their children.

TDV is a serious problem among our girls and boys, but many families operate under the belief that it won’t happen to them.

However, decades of research conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, American Medical Association, World Health Organization, and other qualified organizations indicate that approximately 1.5 million teens experience TDV per year with many of them starting to experience violence as early as 11-15 years-old.

Jasmine Molina, 15, was in English class when the lockdown was declared."I never thought it would happen here.

This tells me that it could happen anywhere, at any school, even if it's a good school," said Molina, who was holding a stuffed bear her boyfriend had given her that morning for Valentine's Day.

The days of the weeks and times vary as well, and interns will be able to choose a specific section of town they would like to cover.

The targeted audience is teenagers, but all populations are involved, i.e. Basically anyone that has or will have a teenager in their life.

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