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I'm not sure if data connections are supported in Excel web app. So store the file in Share Point, but open with Excel client, not the browser.Specifies the table in which records are updated with new values. specifies the name of a non-current database containing the table.You can also use the NOT operator to reverse the value of a logical expression, or use EMPTY( ) to check for an empty field.

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You probably arrived at this page because you are a business professional who has to present regularly to management or executives on analysis you have done in Excel.

You don’t want to have to retype a table of numbers or recreate a graph in Power Point.

If you don’t use linking, how can you easily update the data in a presentation each time without a lot of extra work?

I suggest you consider the default paste method (using Ctrl V) for copying cells from Excel to Power Point.

Then when the numbers change next week or month, the Power Point slide can automatically update. Except every great idea does have potential downsides you need to know about.

Here’s what you need to consider before deciding to link a table or graph from Excel to Power Point: If you still want to link the cells from Excel to the slide in Power Point, scroll down to see how to do it.You can use this tutorial not only for creating soccer or football competition like my sample, but also you can use it for any competitions that follow the same schemes.Step 1 : Define Participant Teams At the beginning, you need to define the number of teams that participate in the competition.You must include the name of the database containing the table if the database is not the current one. ) delimiter after the database name and before the table name.Specifies the records that are updated with new values.I am able to get the Ooxml successfully, and programmatically modify the table Ooxml successfully using C# Open XMLPower Tools.