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The report, prepared at the request of Democratic congressional leaders, looked at the 2015 Republican legislation that repealed Obamacare's coverage mandates, taxes, subsidies and Medicaid expansion, but did not include replacement plan.

Or do they agree with us that doing nothing is not an option, and work with us on a series of step-by-step reforms to prevent the scenario envisioned by the CBO report.""This projection is meaningless, as it takes into account no measures to replace the law nor actions that the incoming administration will take to revitalize the individual market that has been decimated by Obamacare," said Ash Lee Strong, Ryan's spokeswoman.

Republicans have been struggling to unify around a repeal and replacement plan, even as they have already kicked off the process of dismantling President Obama's landmark health reform law.

If you get this error, you can try to log into Facebook (via an SSH tunnel, for example) from the IP address that also hosts the Bitl Bee instance.

Repealing major Obamacare provisions without a replacement plan in place would quickly strip 18 million Americans of their insurance and cause premiums to skyrocket, according to a new Congressional Budget Office report released Tuesday.

Openfire, Jabberd, ejabberd,prosody etc are all standard XMPP (Jabber) servers.

When setting up a standard XMPP/Jabber account, select XMPP in the Accounts tab.In the account set up screen first try entering your username under Jabber ID. In some configurations, username is just a name without a domain.The username is almost always like an email address and would look something like Enter the password and enable the account. Normally it is never 5223 unless SSL is also enabled. Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions on how to configure to start as a service (prior to user login) so that when connecting with VNC I will be presented with a graphical login screen?I'm new to Linux so please give as much detail as possible in your responses/comments.You might want to use GNU Screen to keep x11vnc running without needing the ssh session open I was able to figure this out using Here is a sample upstart job you can use to make it run at startup.