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New Yorkers looking for a weekend getaway alternative to the Hamptons or Hudson Valley this spring can dial it down by taking a three-hour train ride from Penn Station to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.There’s a lot more to the laid-back, culturally diverse city than its main tourism draws — handmade Amish goods and outlet shopping.I will be brutally honest here, the night was a balls up in the organisation department.We started late, we were three men short, (not there were 3 short men although if I remember correctly there would have been at least 6 short men), which in turn created a near cat fight; as one overzealous lady slinked ahead eager to meet her future husband, or so she hoped.As one of the most visited spots in Lancaster, Central Market (centralmarketlancaster.com) has long been a hub for those in the city and the surrounding bucolic areas to gather, and buy and sell the bounty of the county.

The red brick Romanesque Revival style of Central Market’s building, with its terra cotta roof, dates back to 1889.

In turn, all our numbers were completely screwed up. I need to tell you, all the men were sat at numbered tables and then the women were up and down like jumpy canaries, hopping from table to table, hopping and hoping. So there was bell ringing to announce our need to move on from one hot seat to the next.

So when I say the numbers were all screwed up, I mean the girl who jumped ahead stuffed it all up, so we were all out of order. But he would ring it incessantly as he lapped around the room generating a raucous, highly unpleasant, incredible annoying ear screeching sound. After 3 dates and only one actual real date, I was lumped with the no shows early, we broke for a snack and a free beverage.

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The actual market, however, is the longest continuously running farmers’ market in the U. Galactic Snowtubing is a high-speed thrill at Camelback Resort Today it’s a mad mix of Amish, Mennonite and German vendors touting Pennsylvania Dutch favorites alongside hip, young farmers pushing organic foods.