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The ESN Sea Battle is an international cruise between Stockholm (Sweden) and Tallinn (Estonia) primarly, but now also to Riga (Latvia)!

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As ESN Sweden's National Event, ESN Sea Battle was first organized in 2005 with 500 participants from Swedish universities.

Since then it has grown to over 4 times the size and includes participants from six countries.

It wasn't too hard for us to avoid talking about travel at first as we were just finding out the basics about each other, but when we finally could, it was great to share our experiences.

For example, I have never skied but would love to go and Olly was telling me about his skiing trips and giving me information on where to go.

It's not often that you get whisked away to Venice on a first date.

But when TV production manager Jessica Enderby signed up for the world record attempt for the highest ever speed-dating event, she knew her 'date' would be far from ordinary.

We boarded after breakfast and a nerve-steadying drink and as soon as we reached 35,000 feet, it was date time.

The girls stayed in their seats and the guys moved from one to the other for three-and-a-half speed dates.

To offer them contacts and that first job experience that is so crucial for future employment.

The power behind Young Jobs comes from engagement from the business world, municipality and the Swedish Public Employment Service.

Last year the Dutch Parliament conducted an investigation into the cost of ICT spent on government institutes.