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Believers have been coming to the sanctuary for over 300 years, particularly on 15 August, the Feast of the Assumption.Biokovo is the highest mountain on the Croatian coast.Depending on how the site is designed, some functionality may not work.If you select Remember, your selection of Allow or Deny is remembered in the Settings Manager in the Peer-Assisted Networking panel, and you won't see the peer-assisted networking pop-up question again for that website: If you select Always Ask for a website in the Peer-Assisted Networking panel in the Settings Manager, you'll see this question each time that website wants to share your bandwidth.In AD 305, the world’s most powerful man, Emperor Diocletian, was faced with the decision on where to spend the rest of his days.

Of all of the known world, he chose to build his home in the heart of the region of Dalmatia, setting the first stones in place for the future city of Split.You can also use the Peer-Assisted Networking panel to change settings you saved previously for a particular website.If you select Disable P2P uplink for all in the Peer-Assisted Networking panel in the Settings Manager, Flash Player will not ask you about sharing bandwidth and will not permit it for any website.This is called peer-assisted networking, since peers on the network assist each other to provide a better experience.Adobe Flash Player will share bandwidth using peer-assisted networking only with your permission.This question appears because a website that serves audio and video wants to deliver the content with better performance by having users who are playing the same content share their bandwidth.