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Meet Kathlyn (Amanda Grunwald) ‘the religious nerd,’ who has two gorgeous yet unlucky best friends named Kassy (Pamela Bagares) ‘the emo actress’ and Karla (Andrea Ebajay) ‘the sexy flirt.

The three typically grew up together; they became neighbors, seatmates, classmates, and they do things together, and like bread and butter these three has the same experience as to never having a boyfriend ever, never ever.

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Jonathan turns against his son, Lana becomes a sexy flirt and Pete sets out to settle a score with Lex.

They all exhibit unusual behavior after coming into contact with a strange, toxic flower - and there appears to be no antidote to the flower's poison.

Clark comes home to find his parents kissing in the kitchen.

Martha admits that Jonathan has been acting strangely every since he got home.

The audience would truly be curious about his character and would yet to find out if love really wins in this web series.

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Staring at him in what was probably unconcealed shock, vertigo hit.

He was 22 years old, while I'd unconsciously estimated him to be in his 30s because of his maturity, his integrity, his appearance, his humor.

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Kagay-anons would surely fall in love with this Bisaya teen comedy series.