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Bill grabbed her firm ass cheek, but the maid tossed his hand away, so he had to get up and teach this slut how to treat male visitors of the hotel.

Faith was sitting on the veranda and reading a newspaper.

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Her father did not believe that a lady should pursue a career. She, as well as my dad, grew up in a church with strong holiness teaching. But then also I never saw them hugging each other or showing affection of any nature.

Later she studied at a theological seminary and became a missionary. I can recall them holding hands while walking in the street.

, who found it worth while to invest in a young student's life, at a time I needed it so much and who found me worthy to befriend.

I was born on 28 February 1965 and was one of seven children, but one of my brothers died at an age of 18 months, before I was born. I am the second youngest of the remaining six children. My sister is one year older than me and my youngest brother is three and a half years younger than me.

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