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w=300" data-large-file=" *No representation is made that Andrew Michael Fowler is currently on the state's offenders registry.But news of scandal in the Catholic Church involving priests has been virtually inescapable over the last decade. A tiny rural community with a population of just over 1,200. LING: I've never been in a catholic store before in the middle of town. It's a double blessing for Agnes and her husband, Brian. G KOENIGSKNECHT: I think one of the greatest joys of growing up on a farm is that sense of being needed. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just as, you know, roots get life and support to a tree, that's what I have here. G KOENIGSKNECHT: The desire is certainly still there, always will be there. LING: At the end of the day you're a 26-year-old farm boy. My heart started to grow in love with Jesus that it never had before. And I said OK, if you want me to be a priest, you have to have my girlfriend breakup with me because there's no way going to breakup with her. After six months of dating, Samantha broke up with him. LING: Until that fateful moment, there is always a second path for Lee. And even here at seminary, he is surrounded by temptation. Thomas is a co-ed school which means girls are everywhere. I mean, I've just been sitting here for the last 20 minutes and I'm noticing tons of hot chicks. There are guys in seminary now who have experienced intimacy with a woman. But you're kind of OK right now with the fact that it could never happen? THELEN: Celibacy is a gift much it's not something that someone can voluntarily do on their own. LING: And while he could have chosen a wife, he's happier celebrating marriage as a priest. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) LING: In Detroit, father Mathias is back in seminary. DELIA GALLAGHER, REPORTER: The Pope's statement this morning is the first time the Pope has apologized for the sexual abuse of children by priests in the Catholic Church. As soon as you hit town, you get an immediate sense of the values that are important to people. When they told you that they were interested in pursuing the priesthood, how did you feel? Like I help cut the field of hay, I help to move the cows and you make it go around and that's been a great blessing. Where do you get this authority to be able to forgive people? LING: Two brothers have committed to a lifetime of God's work. Had you always thought that one day you would be married and have kids? LING: Mathias' passion for Christ grew and followed him into college where God would find him in a relationship. But if that was a sign from God, he still wasn't ready. If God is calling me, the one whom I love, the one who changed my life, who am I to say no to God? LING: Priests have gotten a pretty bad rap over the last ten years. A siren song of destruction from the pursuit of a higher calling. L KOENIGSKNECHT: People, yeah, would say that like when you come to St. THELEN: I've actually found as a priest more fulfillment and more joy than I ever thought possible. THELEN: Jesus Christ is worthy of our praise and in our weakness we pray. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would say always being like you're always under the microscope, I'd say. Always being looked at, always being, you know, judged. Some addresses or other data might no longer be current.

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