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Important advice notes for retaining an original number or obtaining an age related one (UK only) First and foremost, having a registration number on a machine with no documents is not proof that this number ever belonged to it.

It is up to you to provide proof of entitlement, not the Club.

We authenticate your valid claim as required by the DVLA.

The phone number is on the membership form which you can download.

Graham Scarth, chairman of the Royal Enfield Owners Club UK, has offered to help Royal Enfield owners the world over "date" their Royal Enfield motorcycles.

We may accept a photo of all the major components grouped together, if the machine is dismantled, but this is strictly at the dating officer’s discretion.

If you have an un-restored machine, it may well be worth seeking advice before you start the rebuild.

Anyway, now it's here, and last week I visited the auto-registry to do the paperwork, but with little success.

They said the could not verify the age of the bike from the very worn Indian vehicle document. I have seen several so called similar bike with almost identical engine and frame numbers in NZ; all purported to be 1965, when in fact they are made up of over 90% post 1993 components. Leif, As far as I am aware the G2 series of numbers relate to the 350cc Royal Enfields that were built in England.

The despatch date of nearly all machines can be determined from the Redditch factory ledgers owned by the REOC.

NB: Royal Enfield frame and engine numbers are very often not unique, which is why we require the pictures and rubbings.

If you ask first, you can be advised of any that will not pass muster.

Whether the engine is the original is not too important, although it is best if it is still the correct type and capacity.

Here's a bit of insight just contributed by a UK reader: - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A list of motorcycles produced under the Royal Enfield brand by the original company, Enfield Manufacturing Company Ltd of Redditch, UK,[1] and its later incarnations, including the current company Royal Enfield Motors of Chennai, India: Royal Enfield Owners Club The despatch date of nearly all machines can be determined from the Redditch factory ledgers owned by the REOC.