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If you're struggling to pay for college and you've exhausted scholarships and federal student loans, you're probably considering a private student loan.

Discover Student Loans can loan you up to 0,000 to complete your education, but its 15-year term and lack of a cosigner release after a demonstrated payment history pushes it to seventh place in our review of the best private student loans.

Community Savings Bank conducts a hard credit pull during the application process.

To view this Web site effectively, you will need one of the following supported browsers from Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, or Apple.Use the following links to download and install the appropriate browser.Graduated repayment means you’ll be making interest-only payments for 4 years, while the next 11 years are under level repayment (principal and interest).Community Savings Bank does note that level repayment “can result in lower interest rates,” so keep that in mind when choosing between the two.Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, So Fi is an award-winning marketplace lender offering fixed- and variable-rate student-loan refinancing.

The company also provides unemployment protection and career support.Consolidation companies and programs can offer several benefits in additional to simplifying the repayment process.Borrowers should thoroughly research the interest rates for their existing loans and any forgiveness or deferment benefits attached to their existing loans before consolidating loans.Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students finance their education and borrow responsibly.It works with the Department of Education as well as private lenders.By no means, is the following list the be all end all, and if you are looking into consolidating your debt, you should further examine whatever company you are looking into to make sure they have a good track record and do things morally right and have no been involved in any lawsuits.