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I wasn't alone in calling it “even scarier than talking about sex”; the said it was “a buzzkill.” Now, less than two weeks after launch, Apple has pulled the app from its store, citing a portion of its guidelines for developers that prohibits apps that “present excessively objectionable or crude content.” Good2Go creator Lee Ann Allman told me that while Apple didn’t provide many details about its decision to remove the app, “they did say it was not deemed to be crude.” So: objectionable.

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Visitu is a beautifully designed app that leverages the power of the i Pad to sign visitors in and out.

Visitu collects your visitors’ name, company name, email address, photo and the purpose of their visit.

The Child Sex Offenders Disclosure Scheme enables parents, guardians and third parties to enquire whether a person who has access to a child, is a registered sex offender, or poses a risk to that child.

Consideration will also be given to disclosing information about a person who poses a risk to a vulnerable adult(s).

The decision has outraged victims' groups who fear sexual predators will commit further crimes without any restrictions or supervision of their movements.

The case comes after two convicted sex attackers, including a child rapist, went to the High Court arguing that being on the register for life was a breach of their human rights.

But Lord Justice Dyson said it was 'disproportionate' to keep an offender's name on it forever.

The court ruled the 2003 Sexual Offenders Act was incompatible with a criminal's right to a private and family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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