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I must've cranked out 50 loads while I inhaled the fumes on them. i love going down on pussy but if i have to plug my nose or can smell poop i lose all attraction instantly. I'm not good at story writing, hence the following request: I would love to read a story about a secret female-scat fetishist society that surreptitiously farms the poop of young, beautiful women by employing them as fashion models or hosting them in what is supposedly a modeling or finishing school.

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I've been checking the "popular" sites for theese kinds of stuff but ir rarely updates with something good. My dick always got super hard around her, she's always wearing tight leggins.If you don't want to spread links all around, feel free to PM me. She's the blunt "BRB I have to take a shit LOL" type.Videos are available to download in 3 different file sizes: 3.0 Mbps - 720p High Definition 1280 * 720 playback!1.5 Mbps - 864 * 480 playback 768 kps - 864 * 480 playback All videos from #86 are available in 16:9 Windscreen and with an increased bit rate of 3mbps - offering an extra 35% of viewable screen and higher quality video for your viewing pleasure.You can tell by the look on her face how much she enjoys filling her pantieswith a huge load of poop.

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Or just pulling her pants and panties off and sticking my finger up her dirty asshole, paving the way for my cock. Anyway, at a family gathering a few months back, I stole her panties from the hamper.

They had some discharge stains and even a few poop stains. i never understood the fascination other guys have with stealing and sniffing/licking womens panties. every pussy has a smell, yes, but do they fail to realise that the stinkier a pussy is, the more unclean and unwashed it is?

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