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Since 2002 over 11,300 young people have participated in these peer-led, interactive, educational workshops for adolescent, teen, and young adult Jews (ages 11-24).

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Sexual violence can affect adolescents in dating relationships; however, dating violence also includes bullying, harassment, and other controlling behaviors that are not often required to be reported to authorities. Contact [email protected] copyright questions and/or permission requests.Although there are similarities between adult and adolescent relationship violence, there are some notable differences, including fewer legal protections afforded to adolescents.4 Local domestic violence agencies are good resources for state-specific legal information and information about local community-and school-focused adolescent dating violence prevention programs. Halpern CT, Young ML, Waller MW, Martin SL, Kupper LL. US Preventive Services Task Force Screening for family and intimate partner violence Rockville, Md: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; March 2004. Call the Domestic Violence Resource Center at 562-437-7233 if you are in need of counseling, referrals, and help to leave an abusive relationship, or if you have already escaped.All WSLB services are inclusive: all victims of domestic violence, including women, men, teens, children, and individuals in same-sex relationships are welcome at WSLB. Trained domestic violence counselor advocates are prepared to answer calls from anyone who is experiencing domestic violence or dating violence.Our workshops also give boys and young men critical opportunities to become positive role models and respectful relationship partners.

We reach those at risk and those who have been victimized, opening dialogue for youth to talk about their relationships and learn how to help themselves or a friend.If you are a victim of domestic violence or dating abuse, or believe that you might be experiencing some form of intimate partner violence, you can stop by Monday through Friday (am to 5pm) to meet with one of our specially trained domestic violence counselor advocates.Our advocates are prepared to offer client centered supportive services, crisis management, resources, and referrals. The Yellow Card Challengeā„¢ is a quick, proactive way for you to bring your team together to discuss dating violence. Recognize warning signs of abuse and show concern for friends involved. Advocates are standing by ready to provide you with help, support, safety planning, and resources.