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In the fourth quarter of 2015, paid search spend in the dating category averaged .3 million per month, an 11% increase over the .8 million monthly average for the preceding 9 months of the year.To assess competition in the dating category, we looked at 312 top branded and non-branded keywords being sponsored by dating advertisers via U. Google desktop text ads from January through October 2016.If you are in the Affiliate Marketing business, you need to understand what tasks are involved, the strategies needed to adopt, and how to go about directing more traffic to the dating sites you want to promote.Read on to learn more: In the older days, meeting someone to go on a date with required more effort.Currently, the estimated user base on this dating app is up by 50 million people.

Similarly, the average time spent on the app is 90 minutes – breaking every other existing record of online dating.

Forbes Magazine Signing up for an online dating site and finding yourself facing constant rejection is a frustrating experience.

It's even worse if you're certain that all those cyber-strangers would see what a catch you are if they would just give you a chance to impress.

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To list on Google Shopping, you need to send your feed via the Google Merchant center. GS Issues: It’s a newer program, and often gets confused with Ad Words, although it is NOT a keyword based ad program.