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Industry heads have warned of a growing “crisis” in teacher recruitment and retention in recent years – a problem that is expected to worsen as the school-age population grows.Workload pressures and unsatisfactory pay have been blamed for the shortage, with the profession becoming increasingly unappealing to young graduates.Other industries with high search CTRs include Finance (2.65%), B2B (2.55%), Consumer Services (2.40%), and Technology (2.38%).Legal services struggle to attract attention on the SERP (with a relatively low average 1.35% CTR)– in large part due to advertising restrictions enforced by both Google and government organizations.Legal advertisers have to be extra smart and crafty to do well in PPC.

Other industries that often have poor CTRs are e Commerce (1.66%) and industrial services (1.40%).Primary and nursery teachers have been subjected to a loss of £12.70 per week on average – down from £599.40 a week in 2010 to £586.70 in 2016.These changes took place over a period when cumulative RPI inflation was 17.6 per cent, reports.Click fraud is a type of fraud that occurs on the Internet in pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising.In this type of advertising, the owners of websites that post the ads are paid an amount of money determined by how many visitors to the sites click on the ads.Government figures show the overall number of full-time teachers in secondary schools fell by 10,000 between 20.