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(Which also makes things run waaaaaaay faster because that join on integer with a concat string is super slooooooow.) That leaves the question: why was it this way in the first place? I can only do updates to one page at a time with VBO, and that'd take forever.Why did bulk updates only hit users without an alias instead of hitting all users? Or is there some secret sauce to do all existing users all at once?

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Under settings, have the following option enabled: - Create a new alias. I had already created URL aliases for Users, changed the pattern, and updated. Had to delete the existing User aliases and only then did Bulk Update work. I expected bulk updates of user URL aliases to update all users, but only users who are missing aliases get updated.

The problem is in user_pathauto_bulk_update_batch_process in pathauto.

I am having a problem with Pathauto; I made 2 child terms and only one is displaying correctly.

I am using [node:term:parent:url:alias]/[node:term:url:alias]/[node:title] as pattern and on the term that works it displays /home/articles/red; for the term for which it doesn't work (its parent term is "news") it shows /home/blue.

I'm searching a solution since this token works when a node is saved a second time and I think it's one of the most useful to have a clean hierarchical url.

The workaround I'm imagining would look like this: Well, core kind of is because the behavior of how that information is submitted/processed/saved changed completely.I even tried changing the pattern of my other content that already has generated url aliases and ran bulk update later, but I still got the "No new URL aliases to generate" message. Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question.Content already added will need to be edited - either: - one by one: edit the URL Path Settings - check the box "Generate automatic URL alias" and save.OR - head to /admin/config/search/path/update_bulk and select which types to generate aliases. So notice that when we clicked Save we jumped back to this Content listing page.