Park shin hye dating

They fall head over heels in love with one another.‘Uncontrollably Fond’ Actress Bae Suzy Asked To Leave Korean Drama By Boyfriend Lee Min Ho– Is Kim Woo Bin To Blame?

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As of time of writing, neither Park Shin Hye nor Lee Jong Suk’s reps have commented on the news.

But if it is true, then congratulations to the happy couple!

Sometimes, Park Shin Hye would also drive herself to go see him as well.

For pictures of the two on these alleged car dates, you can check them out on Dispatch's article here. -[Update] - While Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye's side say they're checking to confirm the truth, Dispatch has gone ahead to also unveil a video footage from these late night car dates of the alleged couple! Park Shin Hye's side has also initially denied the report saying "As far as we know, they're just close friends who hang out. She's abroad right now so after we check with her we'll release an official statement later this afternoon." Lee Jong Suk's agency is currently keeping silent, stating that they will ask the actor first.-[Update 2] - Lee Jong Suk's side has revealed that they have checked with the actor and found that they are just friends.

If this is all true, we can't be any happier for the couple with that sizzling chemistry they've shown in their drama! Wellmade Yedang told media outlets, "They only went abroad together for their photoshoot after their drama, they're not a couple.

They were close friends even before they filmed 'Pinocchio' and are still good friends, so I think they were misunderstood.This was made possible due to their fans who wanted to see them together again.It was rumored that Park Shin-hye is dating the famous Korean actor Lee Min-ho.During the press conference, Kim was asked if he ever felt uncomfortable acting romantic scenes with an actress who is almost 10 years younger than him. “Park and other junior actors rather felt comfortable with me and treated me like their brother who is a few years older than them,” Rae Won said.“So everything went naturally without having to discuss much about how to act.” According to “I’m really happy because viewers loved the drama very much,” he said, adding that he would love to do another romantic drama if possible.In Korea, they would enjoy late night dates in their car, the typical celebrity date hot spot, as Lee Jong Suk would pick Park Shin Hye (of “The Inheritors” aka “The Heirs” fame) up from her home.