Outlook appointment tracking not updating

Similarly, if your PTA meets every third Tuesday of the month at P.

M., you can set Outlook to schedule that meeting, as well.

You can use Outlook to keep track of recurring meetings or events so that you don’t have to manually enter these items each time they take place.

I see in tracking status replies are not automatically updated.If you really need to track responses you need a dedicated Active Directory account, and you can add a second profile in your outlook to view it's calendar.Outlook includes an alert that displays a message prior to your calendar meeting, appointment, or task so that you won’t forget it.For example, you can set up Outlook to display a reminder of an upcoming meeting two or three days before its occurrence.You could still process and track those responses manually then to still have an up-to-date reference on who is coming and who is not.

This method also works for when you got an answer to a meeting invitation via telephone, at the water cooler or via any other means besides Outlook.

At a glance, you can quickly see your agenda in daily, weekly, or monthly views.

With Outlook, you won’t have any excuses for missing a lunch date or forgetting a meeting.

Make sure that the box for "Automatically procss meeting requests and responses..." is checked.

If it's not then Outlook won't try to do anything with those responses.

When you create a meeting and invite people, you are a meeting organizer.