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But my past experiences have made me always a little hesitant when a girl is initially into watching a game with me. And sometimes I start to worry that the girl is trying too hard to fit in.

OLD MARRIED GUY: You mean when she's more into it than you are? OLD MARRIED GUY: I guess there are girls who are actually into sports. I admit: there's something off about a girl in a football jersey. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Well, last year I was dating a girl, and I invited her over to watch a Jets game.

A few of my friends were over, and it was one of the first times she was meeting them.

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The Sports Fan Association announces the launch of e Sports Date.com, a dating and social network for singles who love sports.

According to the USA Sports Fan Association there are over 124.6 million single adults in the USA and 62% of those are sports enthusiasts, a total of over 78 million single sports fans in the USA alone.

Yet it's actually pretty annoying unless she's actually a Jets fan.

YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I don't want a girl to pretend to like something just because I like it. OLD MARRIED GUY: This might just be sour grapes from a guy who was never in a band, but I always felt bad for the girls who'd hang out at some cheesy, barely talented guy's band practice.

Members can not only search and meet other sports enthusiasts to date but they can network with new sports friends for weekend sports events, sports activities, as well as domestic and international sports event travel, and even find other groups to share your sports adventures.

With e Sports Date.com, you will never have to watch or participate in sports alone again.Become the newest member of our Sports Lovers community, and get VIP access to our vast network of members who are seeking love, romance, and friendship locally in your area, and worldwide. Reply to emails, search for other members, send winks to introduce yourself, and maintain your profile with up to 10 photos, all with your FREE profile. Rachel Riley has quit Sky Sports after receiving a barrage of 'hideous' abuse over controversial remarks she made about Tottenham Hotspur's chances of winning the Premier League.The Countdown presenter will stop presenting Friday Night Football next season following a tirade of 'personal attacks' from Spurs fans and Twitter trolls after she described the team's 1-0 defeat to West Ham as a 'bottle job'.e Sports is designed to bring together these single sports enthusiasts with other sports minded singles who love sports as much as they do.