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He plays as a winger or a striker, and has also played for Stabæk, Hønefoss, Strømsgodset, Molde, Austria Wien, and TSV 1860 München.Kamara, who is of Sierra Leonean descent, has represented Norway at the youth and senior international levels.

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King Fahd Univ Petroleum Minerals.” Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 26 (2001): 43-57. “Stature in Transition: A Micro-level Study from Nineteenth-Century Belgium.” Social Science History 28 (2004) 2: 231-247.

“Contributions to the physical anthropology of central asia and the Caucasus.” Russian Translation Series of the Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. Al-Haboubi, Muhammad H.”Discovering a Secular Trend through a Cross-Sectional Study. Data from Thailand (Siam).” In Studies in the Anthropology of Oceania and Asia, Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology 20 (1943). “Heights and Weights of Adults in Rural and Urban Areas of Jamaica.” British Journal of Preventive Social Medicine 20 (1966) 1: 22–26. “Tartu Riikliku Olikooli Toimetised.” Antropologija estoncev (1964) Tartu. “Über die Sexualdimorphismus der anthropologischen Merkmale von Schulkindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen.“ Papers on Anthropology VII, University of Tartu, Centre of Physical Anthropology (1997). “Work Capacity and Body Morphology of Bantu and Pygmid Groups of Western Zaire.” Human Biology 51 (1979) 1: 79. „The Biological Standard of Living in Early 19th-Century West Africa: New Anthropometric Evidence.” Working Paper LSE/Utrecht/Tuebingen (2007). “Institutions, Policies and Living Standards in Ghana, 1870-1970/2000 - Lessons from Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Body Stature.” Working Paper LSE/Oxford/Tuebingen (2007).

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