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There is one photo that features the two in the same frame, with Greene loading up the trunk of her car with groceries while Martinez appears to be innocently walking past the vehicle.

In fact, it doesn’t appear as if the two even noticed each other.

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Gossip Cop reached out to a reps for Greene and Martinez, and although we’ve yet to get comments, it’s fairly certain that the two stars were shopping separately. One of Hollywood’s favorite interracial couples is Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez.This is Halle Berry’s third marriage, she previously wed to baseball player David Justice and Eric Benett.The couple met on the set of ‘Dark Tide” in 2010, dated for two years and got engaged in 2012.But now the webloid Sandra Rose is turning “irreconcilable differences” into cheating allegations.

The site posted five paparazzi shots of Martinez and Greene shopping at a Los Angeles grocery store, however, not with each other.

‘Rosie made her way out to Paris on Tuesday to spend New Year’s Eve with Olivier, where he took her to a family friend’s party,’ says a source close to the pair.

Rosie broke up with boyfriend Tyrone Wood less than two weeks before meeting the French actor – who turns 44 next week.

Halle, 46 at the time of the wedding, was also pregnant and gave birth to her son Maceo in 2014.

She admitted she called her son her “miracle baby”, because neither she, nor Oliver Martinez expected him – she actually believed she was premenopausal!

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