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If someone tries to attack her, she'll probably attack first. to be tested to see if she is qualified to become a spy or not.

And falling for Brett as she had no clue of his true intentions.

Jane Keller Darci Damon Alexis Mc Creery Sheena Zoe (formerly)The Alternate Passaro Grande Shady Woman Brady Katrina Charlotte Coretta Scott "K. She started out not liking Judy (her robotic sister) but ends up loving her like she was her real sister. Normally, she's friendly and accommodating, however when annoyed or frustrated, she can get a bit sassy and sarcastic. escapes the trap and that's when Craig and Kira decide she's qualified, telling K. all about them being spies and how they want to recruit her. embarrassingly fails to ask Lincoln to go to the school dance so she can get closer to him, K. no longer wants to be a spy out of embarrassment that she can't even ask a cute guy out. C.'s shameful quit guilts her into trying the task again. wants to recruit Ernie to be her family's spy team. She tries to convince her parents that they would be more believe able as an actual family with another sibling, but instead they get a robot named Judy. and she gets in trouble with the agency, but then she gets saved by Judy and Ernie.

She is an outspoken, confident black belt and skilled at basketball. is a smart, sharp-witted, mature, and multi-talented teenage girl whose skills range from mathematics to being a black belt in martial arts to playing basketball. As she seemingly despises to wear dresses, only when it comes to going to a special occasions with her family. is sent on a mission by her parents, and she misses the tryouts.

23, 2014, file photo, vehicles negotiate heavily flooded streets as rain falls in Miami Beach, Fla.

Certain neighborhoods regularly experience flooding during heavy rains and extreme high tides.

She also has a tendency to be mocking towards those she deems inferior to her, namely her temporary partner Dexter (because he's a dog) and her brother Ernie for all his oddities. can be clever and can keep up a cover for as long as she wants, managing to fool Ernie one time with this ability.

In California, as well as in a handful of other states, students walked out of class to protest.

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Craig Cooper (father) Kira Cooper (mother) Ernie Cooper (brother) Judy Cooper (robotic sister) Gayle King (grandmother) Othello King (grandfather) Earl Cooper (grandfather) Abby Martin (cousin) Erica King (aunt) Richard Martin (uncle)Zane Willis Brett Willis (formerly) Bernice Lincoln Treadwell Reena Juli Regina Honey Olu Jolie Alexander Garrett Victor Christos Markos Ursula The Other Side Candace Adams Andrew Krivsky The Jackal Erica King Abby Martin Richard Martin Pinky Carter (former rival)Noah Stone Laszlo Spencer Sarah Andrews Gabriel Andrews Dexter (formerly)Tony Tolentino Jr. She discovers that both her parents are spies with aspirations that she will follow in their footsteps. She is recruited by The Organization to become a spy. She can be seen as quite social, and gets nervous around boys she finds attractive. " after complaining about never being able to spend any time with her, KC reluctantly agrees to try out for cheerleading with Marisa. She comes late, and Marisa is sitting there, mad at K. However, in the end they make up, with her knowing that K.

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