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Day after day, dropping off, picking up, feeding, making chitter-chatter with the smallest of people, there’s no beating around the parental bush, it’s isolating.

Knowing my son was the only one they hadn’t invited to the ‘big birthday party’ and hoping I’d be oblivious or nonplussed to the painful social rejection my son was now subjected to, as a result of his own poor, impulsive decisions on the playground. Did I send an incomprehensible blabbering message back? Knowing there’s a mum out there, who’s son is in thick of all that is Hugo, that knows all the really bad stuff and is still able to take a step back, realise both me and Hugo are not ogres, we’re trying to do our best, but sometimes things don’t go to plan – fucking rocks!

It’s a collective isolation – not one of ‘ can induce this parental purgatory – like a pack of wolves shunning a fellow pack member due to a weakness, it takes the stronger, gobbier few to turn their backs and the rest follow suit for fear of being rejected themselves. Please be mum, the one that sees another with a tear in her eye, struggling in a sea of other parents- step up and put the kettle on; don’t be a dickhead mum, cos afterall, no one likes a dickhead mum – not even other dickhead mums!

Many of the members here have known each other back in the MSN chat days. Hubbie had his annual company shutdown, so we've been taking it easy. Here's the latest: today, Friday August 4th, 2017, at 10am, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be telling us all about the Deep State Leaks he's found!

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In my previous post, I wrote a Python script combining IBM Watson’s Speech to Text with Watson Alchemy Language Sentiment Analysis to determine the sentiment of speech.

At the end of the post, I mentioned how I’d like to further explore what it’d be like to interact with a a candy machine with a speech-sentiment interface.

), were nothing in the social spectrum of isolation I’ve experienced since being the mum of a “naughty boy”.

In a recent conversation with regards to moving Hugo’s school (not sure what I’m on about, maybe see here), the headteacher tentatively advised me that whilst Hugo’s behaviour seemed to be “on the up”, he’d made some solid friendships in the past few months, at this stage (year 5 in a primary school) the damage was done as far as reputation was concerned; the stigma has well and truly set-in in the minds of the parents. You think I don’t feel the glares at year 5 assembleys, the invisible force-field around me into which no other parent will step for fear that they too might become a shit parent not able to control their 10 year old, or, that I might lamp them one in a raging temper just like my offspring.

We’re talking ‘monkey in space’ level isolation – it’s tangible, awkward and cutting.

I’m no longer considered “one of them”, I somehow got sidelined to the outer, periphery edges of acceptable parents – unable to make up for my son’s mishaps through some PTA gesture or even partaking in the parent’s relay-race last sports day – momentarily I became “one of them”, but only as they were an anchor short and my deceivingly slim physique and oddly athletic limbs gave a winning impression.

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