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Summary: The fifth article in a series of eight articles about how to use Microsoft Project Web App to work with Microsoft Project Server 2010 data and to perform project management-related tasks.Learn how team members can update their tasks and then submit them for approval through Project Web App.

In the past I thought when right-clicking on a table in SSMS and click 'View Dependencies' it will list out all tables and stored procs that uses the table. Sometimes it misses some stored procs that reference it using SELECT statements, sometimes it's INSERT or UPDATE statements. I have sysadmin rights.) My final goal is to find a way to find all dependencies on a particular table/view/stored proc using the simplest way (ie. This script can be used, for example, to find references of some specific object by other objects.

There doesn't seem to be a common pattern on what is dependent and what is not. little or no scripting) but it must return ALL dependencies, not just some. Depending on the size of your database you might want to limit the search scope to particular object type.

Enter search string between %% marks in @Search Pattern initialisation statement.

When you get the results you can copy object name from "Full Name" column and use SSMSBoost to quickly locate it in the object explorer, or you can continue searching in results using "Find in Results Grid" function.

Note that the team member has selected only the one task to update.

(Alternately, additional assignments can be updated by selecting them with a checked box or by clicking the Send Status, All Tasks button.) Also note that the Send Comment box is checked before the user clicks Send Status, Selected Tasks.To create and edit portfolios, projects, and tasks, users must have the project_manager role in their user profile record.See Installed with Project Management for more information on roles in the Project application.In the scenario, the team member requests additional work hours to complete a task, specifically 60 hours instead of the 40 hours that was an automatically calculated value. Additionally, the team member attaches a comment to the update submittal.This process enables the team member to communicate to the project manager the reason why additional time is needed to complete the task.There are 3 primary types of dependencies: Dependency relationships are utilized to link two tasks in the most logical manner possible.