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The victims were chosen by lot by their own colleagues.

Whenever a group within the army was planning a mutiny, the prospect of decimation made them think twice and they were likely to be reported by their own colleagues.

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Rome was an agriculture-based economy, and the movement of troops during winter was highly demanding.

According to Livy (History of Rome, 5.6), if a war was not over by the end of summer, “our soldiers must wait through the winter.” He also mentioned a curious way that many soldiers chose to spend the time during the long waiting: “The pleasure of hunting carries men off through snow and frost to the mountains and the woods.” The first recorded continuation of war into the winter by the Romans took place in 396 BC during the siege of the Etruscan city of Veii. It involved the beating or stoning to death of every 10th man within the army unit where mutiny took place.

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This list offers some interesting facts about the Roman army, some of which can explain part of its success and also its failures.