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Countries like Russia and Ukraine suffer a significant gender imbalance today.

In 2010 the census in Russia counted 10 Million more Russian women than men.

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But for the government in Kiev, beset in the east by pro-Russian rebels, and facing entrenched corruption and an array of powerful oligarchs elsewhere, it was an obvious choice.

Two months later, Mikheil Saakashvili, exiled from the country he once ran, is settling into his new role as governor of Odessa – not just the Black Sea port city with its population of one million, but the wider and strategically crucial region around it.

You know that even if you show up in Batumi without a place to stay – someone (likely several someones) will help you; you know that if you just ask a few questions to the hostel owner or the restaurant manager, you’ll likely open an evening of friendship.

For a resident, however, especially someone who grew up in a very different, less community-oriented culture (like in the States), this hospitality can come off as restrictive and even oppressive as nothing is ever only your own, every encounter is an obligation to sit and chat for an hour.

He has embarked on a string of dramatic reforms on whose success, he believes, the future of the region, with its large Russian speaking and perhaps Moscow leaning minority, depends.

And he will be reminding anyone who will listen that among the greatest threats, not just to Ukraine but to a wide swathe of eastern Europe, is the Russian president, Vladmir Putin.

Batumi is also only about 20 minutes from the border with Turkey.