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But at what age the child becomes old enough to make this judgment for himself is in a legislative gray area.

The outcome often comes down to the subjective opinion of a particular judge on a case-by-case basis.

Historically, California’s statutes have not set a specific chronological age when a child is old enough to contribute his opinion to a custody dispute.

In 2001, a California court ruled that a 5-year-old was not mature enough; in 1996, a court ruled that a 13-year-old was sufficiently mature.

A hero mom sacrificed her own well-being to make sure her twin babies would survive after being diagnosed with cervical cancer at the beginning of her pregnancy.

Doctors gave her limited amounts of chemo to ensure the babies would have a healthy development.

Towards the end of Snider’s pregnancy she announced she had beat cancer for the second time.

She shared on Facebook that, “‘God has been by my side the whole time.

When it came time to purchase my newest minivan, I didn’t hesitate for a second; I knew I wanted another minivan, and I knew I wanted another Kia Sedona.

Well, it turns out that maybe I should also have looked into crossover vehicles.

She had a joyous spirit and carried a loving smile where ever she went.